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DNA Consulta is the authoritative website focused on providing ultimate solutions for DNA Paternity, Familial Relationships, individualization and identification. Our quality personalized service provides you with ethical advice and testing that is affordable, reliable, precise and objective. Such qualities are constantly sought for by sceptics who wish to establish paternity to confirm or confute any doubts in situations where the truth must prevail above anything else. DNA Profiling is a means to provide the best evidence in settling inheritence claims, estate managment or finding long-lost relatives. Feel free to contact us about how you can acquire your individual DNA Profile.

A vast range of samples can be tested, and consultancy can help identify the right one for your particular needs.

DNA Consulta also provides a Twin Zygosity Test to establish whether twin siblings share the same DNA profile or not. Such a test is crucial in organ donation.

DNA Consulta offers a service based on over thirty years of experience in an arduous setting with extensive knowledge of applied techniques. The fundamental aim of such a service is to provide the decisive answers that are required.

Genetic based tumour testing (Foresentia), hereditary medical tests (Presentia), carrier testing (Adventia), cardiovascular genetic testing (Ventrilia), metabolic genetic testing (Evartia), male and female fertility genetic testing, non-invasive prenatal testing (Veracity & Veragene), neonatal testing (Oreana) are done in association with your your physician or specialist of choice, empowering you with personalised healthcare thus guiding you to make the most of the results and decide wisely on future outcomes, including treatment. 

GENOMICS focuses on how data from our genetic material can be used in specific areas to enhance our life, providing us with the information necessary to cater for real needs. DNA Consulta is offering patients’ tests namely SkinCare and Healthy Weight.to help clients effectively treat and manage their conditions. 

Other tests carried out include the DNA Sports Panel to help coaches and sports people, gear themselves for an optimum athletic performance.
Allergy and Intolerance testing is an ideal addition to help guide sports people, parents who wish to understand more about their children's eating habits, and indeed all those following a healthy lifestyle, to make the most beneficial adaptations to their diet and surroundings according to the test results obtained. In all cases biophysiological tests can be combined with genetic testing to help you make the most of the results. 

We work with corporate clients, parents and guardians, social workers and others to provide for drug screening analyses.

DNA Consulta is also at the service of animal breeders, veterinarians and pet-owners in more ways than one 

The birdsexing tests are the method of choice to identify the gender of exotic birds like Macaws, Parrots, African Greys and Cockatoos. Other species of birds include swans, emus, doves and turacos. 

DNA Consulta provides an independent service for breed testing, parentage and pedigree testing, that come with associated life and health plans based on the genetic results obtained. Such tests will provide you with detailed information regarding particular quirks and/or conditions that may be present, thus helping you gain insight in understanding your pet. 

Testing is based on definitive markers and standard operating procedures.

Efficient turnaround times for most of the tests - a amtter of days and weeks rather than months.. 

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