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DNA Paternity Testing is the best evidence one can obtain to ascertain whether the father is  the natural (or biological) father of a child or not.
Non-legal paternity tests can be carried out as comparative test between two samples, one of which is that of the alleged father. However such results are not legally admissable in Court.  Legal Testing is carried out by consentual gathering of samples by an uninterested third party following an established protocol. It can also be ordered by the Law Courts. Tests to determine paternity can also be carried out using other close family members coming from the same lineage (grandparents, brothers etc.) Go to the section Paternity Testing Consent Form.
Samples are usually collected using oral swabs. You may wish to go to the section, Taking Oral Swabs to see how easy is is to collect such samples.

Alternatively, DNA may be collected from non-standard specimens which can include,  cigarette butts, razor blades, pacifiers, finger nails, cups and mugs, plaster, gloves etc.

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