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This is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging.

• Firmness & Elasticity: Are you genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling?
• Wrinkling / Age: Supporting skin damage through a process called glycation
• Sun Damage & Pigmentation: How well are you intrinsically protected from the sun?
• Free Radical Damage: Are you genetically protected against free radical vulnerability?
• Sensitivity & Inflammation: How well are you genes protecting you against irritation?

Your genetic predispositions play an important role in determining both the speed of collagen production and breakdown, serum glucose levels, how the skin can naturally cope under the strains of the sun, and the the supply, or the oversupply of inflammatory products.
Research at SkinDNA ™ has shown that the amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to the healthy long term appearance of your skin! Free radicals are highly reactive short lived molecules that can damage virtually any molecule in our body – including the important cellular structures found in the body’s largest organ - the skin.

Not all people have the same amount of these powerful free radical scavengers. A numbers of skin related genetic variations have been found to alter the production of antioxidant protecting molecules, and your SkinDNA ™ score is the single most powerful indication of your body’s genetic antioxidant abilities.

Your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalized guide provide you with a unique regime tailored specifically to you. This allows you to advance beyond the 'one-size- fits-all' suggestions - using the right skincare ingredients targeted to your own genetic blueprint.

We know that not every skincare product is going to suit everyone no matter how much the cosmetic industry tells you. And this is why there are SO many brands out there and literally thousands of different products.

Your SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results are presented with a list of key ingredients designed for your gene type, that you should focus on in each of the 5 categories.
You can then choose a selection of ingredients to use - with the guidance of your testing report.

This allows the customer to shop for skincare with the knowledge of the products effectiveness and the benefits it’s going to have within their skin. The skincare report guides the client and allowing them obtain the maximum benefit and experience of the SkinDNA™ Genetic Test.


How accurate are the results?
The scientific accuracy of the process is currently 99.96%. There is that small margin for error however we have technical measures in place to ensure very high accuracy.
Your genes play a big role on skin outcomes, it’s also important to realize that genes are not the only determinate, one’s lifestyle and diet can also play a role
too. For example, based on a client’s SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results - if they are at increased risk to collagen breakdown, it does not necessarily mean that they will definitely come across this problem in later years - if they are also careful with their lifestyle choices.


This targeted approach (rather than a shotgun, or one-size fits-all skincare approach) ultimately helps save you time, money and more importantly focuses your skincare regimen on key areas that are important to your individual skin's physiology.


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