ALLERGY & INTOLERANCE TESTING new york, we love new york ALLERGY & INTOLERANCE TESTING new york, we love new york ALLERGY & INTOLERANCE TESTING new york, we love new york


With the growing awarness of the effects of environmental allergies in food intolerances on our health and wellbeing, the realization and possible consequences may impair us from attaining maximum performance in all our endeavours.

As parents, sportsmen or indeed as health-conscious persons who have their health and wellbeing at heart we should all strive to attain our best from our body. Any factor that affects our ability to concentrate, sustain training, recover effectively or reduces peak physical fitness may have a significant impact on performance

Allergies and intolerances can lead to symptoms such as bloating (eg. from pasta), nausea (e.g milk), inflammation (e.g hay), cramping (e.g lactose) and diarrhoea (e.g. shellfish), amongst others, which can have an impact on the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Less than optimum absorption of key nutrients can result in reduced recovery, energy production, and performance.

The first step in the management of allergies or intolerances is identifying trigger foods, drinks or inhalants through accurate testing.

Identifying and then eliminating a hidden food allergy and/or intolerance is key in impacting performance.

This is a scientifically validated allergy and intolerance test to enable people make a positive change in their health and wellbeing with up to 110 common allergies and intolerances.

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