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ForeSENTIA is an extensive portfolio of tumor-profile panels that identify genetic alterations (changes) implicated in cancer.
The ForeSENTIA panels test for alterations on genes that have important roles in cancer. Identifying these genetic alterations is beneficial for:
• providing an in-depth understanding of the molecular profile to the healthcare provider
• giving a better prognostic assessment
• allowing for more precise and effective medical recommendations
• improving clinical management and patient outcome • guiding therapy options

ForeSENTIA has 2 panel categories – depending on your cancer type and its characteristics, your doctor will recommend the best panel for you.  
i)  Comprehensive Tumour profile focuses on genetic changes found in specific cancer types eg.Breast/Ovarian, Colorectal, Lung (NSCLC), Prostate, Melanoma. Glioma and Pan-Cancer
ii) Therapy associated focuses on genes that are frequently involved in several cancer types eg.EGFR, KRAS+NRAS, PIK3CA+AKTI, BRAF, IDH1+IDH2

Why choose ForeSENTIA?
• Eligibility for targeted therapies
• Higher chances of successful treatment
• Improved prognostic insight
• Better clinical management
• Short turn-around time
• Proven technology 

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