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Substance abuse at the workforce is a commonly encountered phenomena and may lead to a myriad of problematic issues including accidents, incidents, lack of productivity, absenteeism, excessive amounts of sick leave, litigation issues amongst others. Introducing random drug and alcohol testing services to the workplace is the best way forward in ensuring that the employees are aware that a random drug policy is in place thus greatly reducing any possible thoughts of substance misuse on the job and offering protection from any work-related mishaps that may occur due to employees being under the influence of drugs.
Your workplace will greatly benefit from such testing services by being protected from unnecessary lawsuits, litigations, and loss of revenue.

The Drug Testing services is professional, confidential, and comprehensive with strict procedures ensuring that whatever the results, they are legally defensible if the donor wishes to take legal action.

The method of sample collection is rapid and simplistic in nature using hair, nails to detect the presence of a wide range of drugs and their metabolites. The dignity of the individual undergoing the test will be always maintained, ensuring an impartial, non-discriminatory, and objective approach.

A home drug testing kit is also available for home use

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