GUT MICROBIOME TEST new york, we love new york

Health starts in our gut. Microbiome testing is a novel scientific approach for assessing health and nutrition. It may help prevent health problems and disease.

The microbiome is closely related to human health. Microbes degrade fibres into important compounds involved in metabolism and the immune system. 

What happens if GUT Microbiome is Imbalanced?

- Digestion problems

- Overweight

- Allergies

- Type II diabetes

- Bowel diseases

- Immune system diseases Heart diseases

- Nervous system diseases

The similarity of gut bacteria is only 10-20% between two different people. Analysis shows you a way to a better well-being and quality of life. 

As a result, you will receive a report including personal recommendations to strengthen your microbiome with your diet and lifestyle.

Patents will recieve a dedicated kit for the analysis. It is recommended that the test is collection is carried out before breakfast. 


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