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Oreana neonatal screening is a new genetic test for screening newborns, infants or children for treatable or manageable conditions. The disorders screened by Oreana have symptoms that may not be apparent at birth. However, symptoms for these conditions can manifest quickly, pose a critical threat to the health or future development of the infant and require urgent treatment. With Oreana, early detection of life-altering conditions that could have a simple yet meaningful clinical management is possible, and allows for early, pro-active interventions that will benefit the infant’s health and quality of life. 

Oreana tests for 106 genetic conditions that when detected early, can prevent or reduce serious consequences such as developmental delay, cognitive impairment, neurological and physical problems and premature death.


 Prevent the onset of symptoms
 Minimize the severity of symptoms
 Limit irreparable health damage
 Avoid a late and lengthy diagnosis
 Start early interventions and clinical management
 Advice on available experimental therapies or clinical trials, where appropriate

Oreana samples are taken by oral brushings.

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