DNA analyses can help orphans or long-lost family members reunite. They can also be used in cases of mass burial sites.

Such tests are also of interest in genealogical and ancestory studies and can be applied accordingly especially with regards to inheritence claims of estate manegement.

Such analyses may involve collecting DNA samples from different regions and jurisdications.

Hereunder is a list of different types of DNA analyses that can be carried out.

DNA Maternity Test is used to determine whether the tested woman is indeed the biological mother of a tested person. This test is usually requested by orphans.

DNA Grandparentage Test is used to determine, in the absence of one of the parents, whether there is indeed a relationship between the tested child and the absent parent.

Genetic Reconstruction is used to determine the biological relationship between a tested individual to one of the alleged parent’s closest relatives.

DNA Siblings’ Test is used to determine whether two children share one or both parents

Twin Zygosity Test is used to determine whether twins are either fraternal or identical. This test can help determine organ donation. You may wish to refer to the dedicated section on this website.

Y-STR Paternal Lineage establishes whether male individuals are related through the paternal line.

mtDNA Test establishes whether two individuals share the same maternal lineage.

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