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At-home STI Test

Whether you are experiencing symptoms that indicate you may have an STI (previously known as STD), or you just want a test to put your mind at ease, our simple to use STI tests which can be conducted in the comfort of your home is a simple, accurate way of finding out whether you have contracted a sexually transmitted infection or not.

There are many reasons you may wish to opt for an STI test including:

  • You are experiencing symptoms e.g. unusual odorous discharge, itching, burning or irritation in the genital area, unusual lumps and growths around the genitals and perineal area, and/or more frequent urination
  • You engage in unprotected sex
  • You and/or your partner have multiple sexual partners
  • You’ve met someone new and want to ensure that you are both free from STIs prior to starting a physical relationship

Whatever your reasons, if you are sexually active, regular STI tests can help you remain in good health, detect STIs early to reduce the likelihood of complications, and prevent STIs spreading to other people.

With a simple vaginal swab (women) or a urine sample (men), our accredited testing laboratory can offer you much-needed insight into your sexual health.

Your test kit will contain everything you need to collect your samples and return them to us. Once we receive your samples, your secure, password-protected results will be emailed to you in just three working days.

If you are sexually active, a comprehensive sexual health 7-panel check kit, which can detect seven pathogens is recommended every 12 months..

If you have had a comprehensive sexual health check in the previous 12 months and simply want to test more regularly for the most common (and often symptomless) infections, our 3-panel check kit is recommended.You should aim to test for these three pathogens every six months, especially if you and/or your partner are having regular unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Order your at-home STI test online now by calling our professional and discreet line on 7979 7910 or by sending an email on

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