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Karyotyping is a laboratory procedure that allows your doctor to examine your set of chromosomes. “Karyotype” also refers to the actual collection of chromosomes being examined. Examining chromosomes through karyotyping allows your doctor to determine whether there are any abnormalities or structural problems within the chromosomes.

Chromosomes are in almost every cell of your body. They contain the genetic material inherited from your parents. They’re composed of DNA and determine the way every human develops.

When a cell divides, it needs to pass on a complete set of genetic instructions to each new cell it forms. When a cell isn’t in the process of division, the chromosomes are arranged in a spread out, unorganized way. During division, the chromosomes in these new cells line up in pairs.

A karyotype test examines these dividing cells. The pairs of chromosomes are arranged by their size and appearance. This helps your doctor easily determine if any chromosomes are missing or damaged.

Why is the test useful?

An unusual number of chromosomes, incorrectly arranged chromosomes, or malformed chromosomes can all be signs of a genetic condition. Genetic conditions vary greatly, but two examples are Down Syndrome and Turner syndrome.

Karyotyping can be used to detect a variety of genetic disorders. For example, a woman who has premature ovarian failure may have a chromosomal defect that karyotyping can pinpoint. The test is also useful for identifying the Philadelphia chromosome. Having this chromosome can signal chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)

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