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Affordable and Authorative

Dog and Horse DNA Parentage Tests are used to establish the natural parents of dogs and horses. Breeders and owners of dogs use this test to ensure accuracy of breeding records, confirm and guarantee pedigrees and protect breed integrity.

  • DNA profiles are individual specific and allow for verification of a dog’s pedigree no matter how “line-bred” the pedigree.
  • The DNA Parentage Test confirms that pedigrees are correct and guarantees puppy buyers that pedigrees are accurate.
  • The test can be used in cases of multiple sires and can determine and verify the sire in any litter. Even if the possible sires are related.
  • The test can settle any issues of breeding disputes over parentage.
  • The DNA Parentage Test can be used for further testing of hereditary diseases.

A typical test includes both parents and pups. If the dam or sire is missing, please call us for more information about testing options.
For more information contact DNA Consulta by calling (00356) 7979 7910 or send an email to

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